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Results of a Search for Bright ? Cephei Variables in the Southern Sky

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  • B. E. J. Pagel

The radial velocities of seven bright southern early B-type stars, known to have variable velocity, have been systematically examined at the Radcliffe Observatory in an effort to detect the presence of short periods (3 to 7 hours) characteristic of ? Cephei variables. Positive results were obtained for three stars: ? Cru $(0\lt2K\lt14\,\text{km/sec})$, ?1 Lup (2K=11 km/sec), and ? Lup (2K=15 km/sec). Definitive periods have been derived for ?1 Lup and ? Lup, while a provisional period is suggested for ? Cru. ? Cru and ?1 Lup have been observed photoelectrically by the staff of the Cape Observatory and found to have short-period variations in light with a range of about 0m.04. In the case of ?1 Lup, the light variation shows the same period as the velocity variation, with the phase relationship typical of ? Cephei variables. In the case of ? Cru, all that can be said is that the light variation has approximately the period of the velocity variation. ? Lup was observed photoelectrically by A. B. Muller at the Leiden Observatory Southern Station; no variation in excess of 0m.01 has so far been detected. ?1 Lup fits closely the period–luminosity relations derived for ? Cephei variables by Blaauw and Savedoff and by Petrie. It is clearly a typical member of the group with constant velocity amplitude. ? Lup comes tolerably near to the period-luminosity relation, but, until some variation in light can be established, one cannot quite exclude the possibility that it is a single-lined spectroscopic binary. ? Cru, in spite of its early spectral type (B0), would seem to be related to the ? Cephei group, though it is anomalous in a number of ways.

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Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

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  • Beta Cephei stars
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