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Implications of parity nonconservation and time reversal noninvariance in electromagnetic interactions

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  • Mendel Sachs
  • Lockheed Missiles and Space Division Research Laboratory, Palo Alto, California USA

The requirement of the relativistic invariance of physical phenomena is expressed mathematically by requiring an invariance under the transformations of the proper Lorentz group. Included in the class of interactions which would satisfy this requirement are those which are odd with respect to space reflections and time reversal, and therefore violate both parity conservation and time reversal invariance. This property is exploited in the construction of a theory which sacrifices P and T invariance for symmetry in the electric and magnetic field variables in electromagnetic interactions with charged spin one-half particles. The theory is constructed by generalizing the electromagnetic four-potential so as to include a pseudovector part as well as a vector part. Due to the modification of the interaction Lagrangian by the pseudovector potential, an extra pseudovector force is introduced from the equations of motion, which effectively reverses the roles of the electric and magnetic field variables in the normal vector Lorentz force.A qualitative discussion of atomic spectra is given in the light of the present theory. A dimensionless number ? which multiplies the pseudovector potential and is a measure of the amount of violation of P and T in electromagnetic interaction is found to be less than 10?13 to insure compatibility with experimental data. It is pointed out that the effects of this theory are optimized when applied to bound state systems which are subjected to electric fields which lack an inversion center. A few experiments utilizing this results are proposed.

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Annals of Physics

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  • Magnetic monopole
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